Celebrating Pollinators All Around Us on Earth Day

Apr 22, 2017

As leaves begin to bud and flowers spring up from the ground honeybees come to life. Backyard beekeeping has become very popular in our Arapahoe County neighborhoods and awareness of honeybees as crucial pollinators is growing but there are still a lot of people who fear bees and have no idea what a bee really looks like or just how much we rely on them. One third of our food is pollination dependent and Honeybees pollinate 70 types of crops. Lack of foraging areas of the types of plants Honeybees need to sustain their colonies is contributing to severe declines in colony numbers.

Education through art is one of the best and most fun ways to learn! Join us for an educational, artful event celebrating pollinators.

Event is presented by the SoSu Artists Collective