Dr. Kevin Fitzgerald & Friends

Dec 17, 2016

The December edition of Dairy Comedy will melt your heart with laughter and good feelings.
But don't worry, before you leave, we'll reshape your melted heart and stuff it back in your chest!
Wait. Let's start over. That was a terrible start. Here we go...
HEADLINING Dairy Comedy on December 17 is Dr. Kevin Fitzgerald. His bio and his accolades are immense, but  highlights include the fact that he's a regular headliner and Comedy Works Denver and has worked with the likes of Norm MacDonald, Tom Papa, and many others. Being the Renaissance man he is, he's also a working veterinarian and was featured in 10 seasons of "Emergency Vets" on Animal Planet. YES, he's THAT Dr. Kevin.
Fun Fact: He also used to be a bouncer for the Rolling Stones.
FEATURING on this show is the incredible Miss Timmi Lasley.
She is a staple of the Denver Comedy scene and is a hilarious tornado of unprecedented force!
Also performing on this show are Todd Couch - an improvisational comedian big into immersive character work and making you laugh!
And since you were wondering, YES, Nolawee "Firesauce" Mengist is performing on this show as well. So you're finally getting your way this holiday season!
As normal, James Gold will be hosting this show.
And he promises not to make anymore jokes about Trump wanting to appoint Judge Judy to the Supreme Court.
Come to this show.
We love you.