Moving Forward & Looking Back

Apr 21, 2017 - Apr 22, 2017

Hannah Kahn’s nine member dance company will perform six pieces of choreography with a dynamic range of music, mood, and choreographic style.

The program’s premiere, “Quicksilver”, is a quintet whose mood is constantly changing. First warm and tender, then explosive and joyful, then introspective and wistful – the dance journeys through what feels like a lifetime of experience in twelve short minutes.

Last fall’s premiere, the funky and playful Hunky Dory is set to delightful music by early jazz clarinetist Jimmie Noone, The moody and ominous Storm Serenade (2002) set to gorgeous string music by Malcolm Lindsay, was an audience favorite when we brought it back for our concerts last fall.

Reconstructions of three other Kahn works round out the program. Flock (1996), Bring Us Home (2005), and Go (2008) use music from Pakistan, Uganda and Japan respectively. Kahn says of her music choices, “I am often inspired by music that comes from cultures I know little about intellectually. It seems trite to say that music crosses boundaries, but for me there is a deeply moving truth in the fact that we can immerse ourselves and feel one with the rhythms and harmonies of music from far off places.”