Phone Home

1/13/2017, 1/14/2017, 1/27/2017, 1/28/2017

You know how your significant other is always saying you need to be more spontaneous? Well, this is (probably) what they were talking about. We've delighted audiences at theaters all around Denver, and now it's time to give our people what they want: MORE SHOW. With two hours, eleven improvisers, numerous chairs, and even more laughs, we'll be bringing you a comedy adventure ride unlike any you've ever seen! We're literally putting our lives on the line for your entertainment, so don't be rude--be there.

Featuring Doron Burke, Natalie Burling, Anneliese Farmer, Larissa Flemming, Maynard Peralta, Tyler Sells, Erin Slimack, Michael Tandy, Sebastian Wolfe, Tara Wolfe, and Erin Zaideman.

Directed by Tara Wolfe.

Produced by Human, Kind Theater Project.

Enjoyed by all.