UNC Performing Arts Series: Major Barbara

4/20/2017, 4/21/2017, 4/22/2017, 4/23/2017

Major Barbara
By George Bernard Shaw
Equity Guest Artist: Steven Hauck
Directed by David Grapes
Langworthy Theatre

Set in the Steampunk world of Victorian London and filled with humor, pathos and some of Shaw’s most challenging ideas, Major Barbara has been universally praised as a unique mix of Oscar Wilde and Bertolt Brecht. In this comedy of ideas, the great Irish writer George Bernard Shaw pits Andrew Undershaft, a millionaire weapons manufacturer, against his own daughter, Barbara, a Major in the Salvation Army in a fascinating and uneasy philosophical debate about the best way to save a man’s soul—with bullets or bread, cannons or Christ. Guaranteed to spark fierce post-show discussions, critics have hailed Shaw’s masterwork as a witty, hypocrisy-revealing comedy that mixes war and morality into "dramatic dynamite."