World Beat! The music of Ireland, Zimbabwe, and Morocco

Jan 18, 2017

The exotic music of Morocco, the charming, dance-like music of Ireland, and the joyous, energetic percussive sounds of Zimbabwe, all on the newest edition of World Beat in the matinee Soundscape series!   
Samir el yesfi was born in Tetouan, Morocco and began studying the Arab lute at the age of 16.   Both in Morocco and in this area, he has mastered the Spanish, African, Islamic, and Arab cultural contribution to music and combined it with Moroccan folk music.
Adam Agee, fiddle, and Jon Sousa, guitar, have been an Irish duo for more than 12 years, living both in Ireland and in Boulder.  They have studied Irish music extensively from the pubs to the Universities in Ireland, and remain two of the best performers of Irish music in the US.
Nokuthula is an energetic band that specializes in music of Zimbabwe, using the traditional marimba-based melodies and rhythms, along with gourds, thumb piano, bass, and lots of singing.
An eclectic and exuberant musical afternoon awaits you at our monthly Soundscape matinee!!