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Defending the Caveman
Apr 22 - Jun 28 2015 Defending the Caveman

Defending the Caveman is a hilarious play about the ways men and women relate...  More ›

May 21 - Jun 19 2015 Detroit

Ben and Mary, a typical family living in a typical suburb, welcome into their...  More ›

Jun 3 - Jul 5 2015 Wicked

Back by 'popular' demand. Variety calls Wicked 'a cultural phenomenon,' and...  More ›

Colorado Shakespeare Festival
Jun 5 - Aug 5 2015 Colorado Shakespeare Festival

For the 2015 season the Colorado Shakespeare Festival presents: Much Ado About...  More ›

Much Ado About Nothing
Jun 5 - Aug 9 2015 Much Ado About Nothing

Romantic, raucous and razor-sharp, the Hamlet of Shakespeare comedies strikes...  More ›

Music from the Stage: Broadway to Opera
Jun 5 - 6 2015 Music from the Stage: Broadway to Opera

As the Colorado Repertory Singers embarks on the final concert of our 14th...  More ›

Sep 9 - Aug 11 2015 Adventure-prov!

Adventure-prov is an improvised show that lets audience members submit...  More ›

Wittenberg by David Davalos
Jun 11 - Aug 8 2015 Wittenberg by David Davalos

To believe or not to believe? That is the question when Prince Hamlet, a...  More ›

Jun 26 - Aug 8 2015 Othello

In a country at war, Othello the Moor commands with authority and nobility of...  More ›

The Brothers Size
Jul 9 - Aug 1 2015 The Brothers Size

Two brothers, the Louisiana bayou, and West African mythology swirl together in...  More ›

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Chromeo / Odesza
May 26 2015 Chromeo / Odesza

Imagine, if you will, a yacht. It's forged of gold and strong African teak,...  More ›

May 26 2015 Chronixx

Chronixx and the Zincfence Redemption live with Federation Sound Ages:...  More ›

Passion Pit with Holychild
May 26 2015 Passion Pit with Holychild

Go back to the beginning of Passion Pit, because we have never left that time....  More ›

The Mountain Goats
May 26 2015 The Mountain Goats

Radio 1190 Presents The Mountain Goats 16+  More ›

May 27 2015 Temples

"Doing something different with a pop song, breaking the convention of...  More ›

The Decemberists & Spoon
May 27 2015 The Decemberists & Spoon

The Decemberists & Spoon live with Courtney Barnett   All Ages  More ›

May 27 2015 Yelawolf

The Love Story Tour Chapter 1: Yelawolf   Ages 16+ Doors: 7:00pm...  More ›

Chris Stapleton
May 28 2015 Chris Stapleton

Chris Stapleton live at the Bluebird! Ages: 16 & Over Doors...  More ›

Lindsey Stirling
May 28 2015 Lindsey Stirling

Lindsey Stirling is one of the biggest artist development breakthrough stories...  More ›

Turn Over the Keys
May 28 2015 Turn Over the Keys

In this innovative program, the Colorado Symphony turns over the keys to...  More ›

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Critical Focus
May 14 - Jun 28 2015 Critical Focus

This exhibition highlights recent work by Denver-based artist, Monique Crine....  More ›

Echoes of Heritage
Apr 1 - Jun 1 2015 Echoes of Heritage

At the age of 73, internationally known artist Tadashi Hayakawa returned to his...  More ›

Elements at Play
May 5 - Jun 3 2015 Elements at Play

Elements at Play exhibits a major presentation of the mixed media work of Marc...  More ›

EPIC Arts Youth Exhibition
May 18 - Jun 1 2015 EPIC Arts Youth Exhibition

RedLine’s Educational Partnership Initiative for the Creative (EPIC) Arts...  More ›

May 8 - Jun 20 2015 "The Buoyancy of Nothing" by Sabin Aell

Exhibit by Sabin Aell, featuring photography-based mixed media in resin....  More ›

Art Conversations: Expanding the Boundaries
May 26 2015 Art Conversations: Expanding the Boundaries

“Expanding the boundaries: adaptive, alternative, mixed media...  More ›

Everyday Monsters
May 14 - Jun 28 2015 Everyday Monsters

Kim Dorland is a painter whose work explores themes that resonate far beyond...  More ›

Joan Miro: Instinct & Imagination
Mar 22 - Jun 28 2015 Joan Miro: Instinct & Imagination

Joan Miro: Instinct & Imagination focuses on artworks the Spanish artist...  More ›

Passion for Glass
Apr 18 - May 31 2015 Passion for Glass

This exhibition features approximately 100 important works by American,...  More ›

Starring Linda: A Trio of John DeAndrea Sculptures
Apr 19 - Jun 21 2015 Starring Linda: A Trio of John DeAndrea Sculptures

Colorado artist John DeAndrea is internationally celebrated for his...  More ›

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