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Discounts for metro Denver arts and entertainment.
Discounts for metro Denver arts and entertainment.
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2 for 1 TIX FAQ

DENVER 2 for 1 TIX Frequently Asked Questions

What is the DENVER 2 for 1 TIX Program?

DENVER 2 for 1 TIX is a free program that provides weekly "2 for 1" ticket and admission discounts for metro arts and entertainment. The offers are promoted via a weekly email announcement, special web page, dedicated phone line and social media. DENVER 2 for 1 TIX is a joint program of Denver Arts & Venues and VISIT DENVER.

Why create DENVER 2 for 1 TIX?

DENVER 2 for 1 TIX means great discounts for you to experience culture and entertainment, making the arts more accessible to everyone. At the same time, it helps metro arts organizations and institutions increase sales by discounting unsold seats and build new audiences.

Consumers in cities with similar programs find this is a great chance to check out new organizations and venues at a very attractive price.

How can I find out about the new offers each week?

You can also find the offers listed during the week on the DENVER 2 for 1 TIX website.

When will I get new DENVER 2 for 1 TIX offers?


What is a '2 for 1' offer? / Can I buy a single ticket at the discount?

All DENVER 2 for 1 TIX offers are "2 for 1" or equivalent discount (approximately 50%) on admission or tickets. The offers apply to tickets to arts and entertainment performances, events and classes and to admission to arts and entertainment venues. There may be a range of discount ticket prices reflecting "2 for 1" on the cost of various ticket levels.

While "2 for 1" is the program marketing concept, we strongly encourage organizations to offer 50% off to single ticket buyers so that everyone can take advantage of the offer, whether or not they come in pairs. Offering half price single tickets is optional and organizations may decide to make their offer valid only when two tickets are purchased. To find out whether 50% discount single tickets are being offered, contact the organization and be sure to have the discount code or instructions handy.


What kind of arts and entertainment are featured on DENVER 2 for 1 TIX?

The program is designed to provide discounts to admission-based arts and entertainment events, classes and venues. This will include dance, special events and festivals, film & video, history & heritage, kids & family, museums, music (including bands), literature & poetry, science & nature, sports, theatre and visual arts.


Are all the tickets for the performance or venue 2 for 1?

While many of the "2 for 1" offers include all the available tickets, some offers may be restricted to certain days/times, limited sections or there may even be a maximum number of discounts available. All restrictions are included in their DENVER 2 for 1 TIX listing. Contact the venue right away for the best chance of getting the discount offer.


How will I receive my discount tickets or admission?

DENVER 2 for 1 TIX is only a discount promotion email and does not include a ticket purchasing component.

Every offer will provide instructions routing you through their ticket purchasing system. This might include a link to an online ticket system, a phone number to call or instruction on purchasing in person from the venue box office. The offer will give you redemption instructions, typically a code that you will provide to get the discount, or it may instruct you just to "mention the 2 for 1 TIX offer." In some cases, you may be instructed to print out the offer and bring that to the box office to get the discount.


What if the offer is not available?

Of course, limited, discount tickets will often sell out quickly, so sign up for the weekly DENVER 2 for 1 TIX email and make your reservations right away when you receive the offers.

We want to ensure that you have an easy time redeeming DENVER 2 for 1 TIX offers, so an email is distributed to all participating organizations reminding them that their offer is going out and that they need to be prepared for discount sales. It is the responsibility of each organization to set and post restrictions and to clearly communicate to consumers the offer, restrictions and whether or not discount tickets are still available.

However, we know that glitches do happen. If after contacting the organization, you are not able to get information on the DENVER 2 for 1 TIX offer or the offer redemption instructions or if the provided link or code does not work, please let us know through the online comment form. We will do everything we can to alert the organization to concerns and get the problem corrected. There is no guarantee of availability.

Complaints about the unavailability of accurate information on the discount, restrictions or offer availability by an organization or errors with the redemption instructions or code may result in that organization being eliminated from the DENVER 2 for 1 TIX program.


Can I still get a discount that was offered last week?

Generally, No. The discount is available only from Thursday through the following Wednesday and for specified performances or admissions. The discount will not be available after the next DENVER 2 for 1 TIX email goes out the following Wednesday with a new set of offers. However, you can always contact the organization to ask if they will still honor the discount.


Can you tell me what offers are coming up?

No. DENVER 2 for 1 TIX offers last-minute discounts and we do not have information on upcoming offers.


What standard restrictions apply to DENVER 2 FOR 1 TIX offers?

DENVER 2 FOR 1 TIX offers are subject to the following restrictions: Tickets are limited and some restrictions apply. Not valid with any other offer or discount. Not applicable for previously purchased tickets. Limit one DENVER 2 FOR 1 TIX offer per individual for each production. Ticketing service fees may apply. All sales final; no refunds or exchanges on DENVER 2 FOR 1 TIX offers. Other special restrictions, such as limiting to a specific time, date or number of discounts, may be set by the organization. Any restrictions will be listed in their offer and available by contacting the organization.


What if I have other questions or need additional assistance?


How can I let others know about DENVER 2 for 1 TIX?

We appreciate your help spreading the word about this great program!


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