Crushed Red


Menu Price: $25.00

Crushed Red serves chopped-to-order salads, whole-grain pizzas, savory shareables, & all-natural soups served in an elevated fast-casual atmosphere.

*Crushed Red's menu was designed to feed 2 people for $25 *



Savory Shareables

(Choose One)

Smoky chili hummus with homemade with warm flatbread & lavasch.

Urban Zest
Sundried tomatoes, Parmesan cheese, and fresh herbs blended into a spread with with warm flatbread & lavasch.

Warm Artichoke Spread
Creamy, garlic blend of artichoke hearts and savory Parmesan cheese with warm flatbread & lavasch.

Warm Herbed Goat Cheese
Crusted with sliced almonds & dried cranberries, topped with agave nectar with warm flatbread & lavasch.

Mini Urban Crafted Salads

(Choose Two)

Welcome Back Cobber
Chicken, avocado, bacon, egg, blue cheese, croutons and tomato with field greens. Goddess Dressing

South of the Border
Avocado, tomato, roasted corn, cheddar cheese and tortilla strips with field greens. Low Fat Chipotle Ranch

Seared Ahi tuna, green beans, Kalamata olives, hard-boiled egg, tomato, roasted Yukon Gold potatoes and Goat cheese with mixed greens. Goddess Dressing

Wild Spring Salmon Salad
Chilled wild-caught salmon, oranges, cucumber, red onion, Goat cheese and toasted almonds with spinach and romaine. Sesame Ginger

Chipotle BBQ Chicken
Chipotle BBQ chicken, roasted corn, black beans, Pepper Jack cheese, cilantro, tortilla strips with field greens. Ranch Dressing

De-LUX Berry Crunch
Rainbow quinoa, blueberries, Black Mission figs, Feta cheese and homemade granola with kale and mixed greens. Lemon Agave Nectar Dressing

Health Nut
Broccoli, edamame, carrots, almonds, cranberries and garbanzo beans with spinach and romaine. Raspberry Vinaigrette

Emerald Coast
Shrimp, avocado, cucumbers, mushrooms and bacon with field greens. Roasted Red Pepper Vinaigrette

Farmer’s Market
Turkey, Goat cheese, sunflower seeds, apples and cranberries with field greens. Honey Mustard

This Pear is on Fire
Spiced pears, cranberries, goat cheese, bacon, avocado, with spinach and house mix. Habanero Honey Mustard

Urban Crafted Pizza

(Choose One)

Mona Lisa
Extra virgin olive oil, roasted garlic, Kalamata olives, spinach, Feta, Goat and Mozzarella cheese

Roasted Chicken Gorgonzola
Parmesan cream, chicken, spinach, Gorgonzola, onion and tomato

Queen Margherita
Basil pesto, fresh Mozzarella and tomato with fresh basil

Fire Roasted Veggie
Artichokes, portabellas, onion, tomato, red pepper, black olive and Mozzarella with fresh rosemary

Big Island
Organic tomato, pineapple, prosciutto, caramelized onion and Mozzarella with fresh cilantro

Five Cheese
Extra virgin olive oil and garlic, Goat cheese, Feta, Gorgonzola, Parmesan and Mozzarella with fresh basil

Mushroom, Pepperoni & Sausage
Organic tomato, mushroom, pepperoni, sausage and Mozzarella

Shrimp & Artichoke
Basil pesto, shrimp, artichoke, tomato and light Parmesan with fresh basil

Mushroom Medley
Parmesan cream, shiitake, portabella and white mushrooms, Mozzarella and Goat cheese with fresh rosemary

Chipotle BBQ Chicken
Chipotle BBQ chicken, black beans, roasted corn, caramelized onion and Pepper jack with fresh cilantro

Yukon Gold Steakhouse
Parmesan cream, sirloin steak, bacon, Yukon potato, onion, Gorgonzola and Mozzarella with fresh rosemary

Sriracha Chicken
Parmesan cream, Sriracha chicken, blue cheese, caramelized onion, bacon, black olives and Mozzarella with fresh cilantro

*Crushed Red's menu was designed to feed 2 people for $25 *

Choose one shareable, two mini salads and one pizza.