Rocky Mountain Indian Chamber


RMICC works to build a solid foundation for growth and inclusion throughout the Native American Community. We look forward to strengthening key partnerships and forming new fruitful relationships. Our goal at RMICC is to promote commerce that benefits the Native Community. We strive to enhance Native Businesses in their path to growth, empower Native Professionals and Entrepreneurs in their path to success, encourage Native Students in their path to continued education, engage Tribes in Economic Development strategies, and embrace Partners in their path to reach the Native Community. In addition to these goals, we are thrilled with the opportunity to help Natives realize their true potential on the larger domestic and global markets. Our Natives Go Global Project builds a bridge to connect Native Commerce to the Global Market.

We humbly accept the task of showing Corporate American that Native Commerce is a viable business investment. We are dedicated to staying relevant to what’s new in business, while maintaining our respect for culture and tradition. While we may be small in numbers, we are certainly not small in heart. Undeniably, “modern Natives” are the very essence of perseverance, resilience, and versatility. The Rocky Mountain Indian Chamber of Commerce extends an esteemed “welcome” to you. We hope you join us in our path to prosperity.

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