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Who Can Apply

On February 5, the Colorado Department of Health & Environment (CDPHE) announced that Denver can now operate at Level Yellow on the State’s COVID-19 dial. The move comes with increased capacity limits at many local businesses. Per State order, in Level Yellow counties such as Denver, businesses that are 5 Star-certified may operate at Blue capacity levels now that 70 percent of people ages 70 and over have been vaccinated statewide.

Businesses that have capacity restrictions due to COVID-19 public health orders will be able to apply. These include: general business, personal services, indoor events, gyms and restaurants. There are sector-specific and general business guidelines that must be adhered to.

Outdoor Events: Right now we are not accepting applications for outdoor events while we clarify state-approved guidelines. Outdoor events may be included in future application rounds.

More information can be found on the State’s info sheet here

You can learn more about the State's Dial Dashboard and Denver's metrics here

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Why Should I Apply? 

A Denver 5 Star Certification Is Still Valuable While We are in Level Yellow

While 5 Star-certified businesses can't move down to Level Blue right now, being certified is valuable so long as there is a COVID-19 dial. 

  • It lets the community know that you are going above and beyond to keep staff and customers safe -- the gold standard. It gives customers and staff peace of mind. 
  • It provides assurance so that if we go back to Level Orange, you can stay in yellow. 
  • As a 5 Star-certified business, you may be one of the first to get to Level Blue, once we hit 70%/70+ for vaccines statewide. 


What to Expect When you Apply


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If you need language interpretation services for this program, please contact us at

Sign language interpreters and real-time captioning via CART can be provided. Three business days' notice is requested, so please contact us at

For all other public accommodation requests/concerns, contact us at

Apply Now 

After you submit your application, you will receive an email confirmation with a link to the payment portal.

For Individual Business Entities, please apply here: 

Apply in English 

Apply in Spanish | Solicitud para el programa

Apply in Vietnamese | Ứng dụng- Tiếng Việt

Multi-Tenant Buildings: Intake Form for Hotels, Food Courts, Food/Retail Marketplaces, please submit your info here: 

Please fill out this form if you are a business that is seeking to apply for 5 Star Certification for more than one business at one location. (Example: hotels, food courts, food/retail marketplaces)

Multi-Tenant Building Intake Form

Click here to download a sample application. 

*Application fees are based on estimated 2019 gross annual revenue. 

Less than $1 million = $25
$1 million to $5 million = $75
Greater than $5 million = $150

FAQs, Complaints & Fliers 

Click here to read Frequently Asked Questions for the Denver 5 Star Program. If you have additional questions, please contact us at (970) 795.8386.

To file a complaint, you can fill out the State’s 5 Star business complaint form found here: or contact the City of Denver by calling 3-1-1 or emailing

Please include the business name, location, date and reason you are filing a complaint.

5 Star One-Sheeter | English

5 Star One-Sheeter | Spanish 

5 Star One-Sheeter | Vietnamese 

Town Halls 

Use the links below to watch one of three Town Halls that provided a walk-through of the Denver 5 Star Certification process:

Spanish-language Town Hall, hosted by the Denver Hispanic Chamber of Commerce | Vea aquí el video de la reunión pública en español

English-language Town Hall #1

English-language Town Hall #2

View the Presentation | Ver la presentación

How to Volunteer

We have filled all the volunteer positions and are no longer accepting applications. If you are interested in future Denver 5 Star volunteer opportunities, email us at You will be contacted if additional opportunities become available.

About The 5 Star Certification Program

The State of Colorado has issued parameters for counties to build a 5 Star State Certification business variance program. The program requires businesses certified through the program to implement safety measures beyond what is already required by public health orders and guidelines that will help slow the spread of COVID-19, and in doing so, they will be able to expand operations. This program is for responsible businesses that are following public health guidance and going above and beyond to prioritize the health and safety of their staff and customers. Business sectors eligible to apply for the 5 Star program are: General Business, Personal Services, Indoor Events, Restaurants and Gyms.

More details on the 5 Star program can be found here.

Denver's 5 Star Certification Program

Denver has been approved by the State to implement the 5 Star Certification Program and is working in partnership with the City, VISIT DENVER and H2 Manufacturing Solutions will manage the day-to-day operations, with oversight from the Denver 5 Star Administrative Committee, comprised of public, private, and nonprofit leaders across the city.

Click here to see the State of Colorado’s COVID-19 dial dashboard, including metric levels and capacity limits.

Click here to see the members of Denver's 5 Star Administration and Outreach committees. 

If Denver’s caseload, positivity rate and hospitalizations begin to escalate again, the State may move Denver to a more restrictive level on the dial, and the City could temporarily revoke 5 Star certifications for businesses.

Click here for more information on Denver’s response to COVID-19.

Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE) has given the City and County of Denver’s 5 Star Administrative Committee the authority to enforce and revoke a certification if a business is noncompliant with 5 Star Certification Program Requirements as set forth by CDPHE.

The City and County of Denver’s public health order restrictions are based on the State of Colorado’s COVID dial, and any changes to Denver’s orders or the State’s orders may affect the restrictions and allowances under the Denver 5 Star Program.

CDPHE may suspend the City and County of Denver’s 5 Star Certification program due to public health concerns thereby suspending the benefits of the certification. City of and County of Denver may suspend the 5 Star Program due to public health concerns thereby suspending benefits of the certification.

About VISIT DENVER, The Convention & Visitors Bureau

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