From prioritizing green spaces to encouraging the use of electric vehicles and alternate fuel sources, The Mile High City does its part for the planet. Denver ranked #1 on Architectural Digest's 2023 list of the “Top 50 Most Climate Resilient Cities” due to factors including fewer threats of extreme weather damage and city-level initiatives to support clean energy such as solar. Denver is the only U.S. city included on National Geographic’s list of “Eight Sustainable Destinations for 2021 and beyond,” thanks to the city’s goal of achieving 100 percent renewable electricity by the end of 2023, and 125 miles of new bike lanes and solar gardens planned throughout the city. Online insurance marketplace Policygenius echoed this sentiment, naming Denver as the tenth-best city to live in by 2050 for climate change. Denver’s climate and mindset are conducive to enjoying the great outdoors, whether hiking, biking, running or walking.