Population 2008

Denver City & County:  594,740
Seven County Metro Area:  2,758,609 (Rank: 21st in U.S.)
Colorado (2008):   5,008,259 (Rank: 22nd in U.S.)

Population by Race & Origin
(Census Bureau’s categories, total may add up to more than 100% due to rounding)

                                         City/County of Denver       Metro Denver          Colorado
White                                  49.7%                                68.4%                     71.5%
Black/African American           9.7%                                  4.8%                      3.6%
American Indian                      .6%                                    .5%                        .6%
Asian                                      3%                                  3.5%                       2.7%
Hispanic or Latino                34.8%                                   21%                      19.7%
Two or more Races                1.7%                                  1.5%                       1.6%

Median Age

Metro Denver:  35.5
Colorado  35.6
United States:  36.4

Median Household Income

Metro Denver:  $54,994
Colorado  $52,015
United States:  $48,451

Median Home Price

Metro Denver:      $245,400
Colorado      $228,100
United States:      $222,000

Downtown Denver by the Numbers

• 10th largest downtown in America based on employees and office space
• Fourth most walkable downtown, the Brookings Institute 2008
• 62,000 residents within 1.5-mile radius of center
• 110,000 employees in downtown
• 6,900 housing units in 83 projects planned or under construction; (2,070 housing units added in 2006 alone)
• 55,000 people ride the free 16th Street Mall hybrid shuttle every day
• Three downtown sports stadiums represent $790 million in investment, house seven of the eight professional sports teams, and seat 147,000 (Coors Field, 50,000; INVESCO Field at Mile High 76,000; Pepsi Center 21,000)

Denver’s 16th Street Mall by the Numbers

• Broadway to Wynkoop is one mile in length, 1.6 kilometers
• Total cost of the I.M. Pei designed Mall was $76 million
• 36 ultra-low emission hybrid-electric shuttles operate on the Mall, each carrying 115 passengers
• 15 million riders use the free shuttle buses every year
• 55,000 people use the free shuttle buses every weekday
• 200 trees line the Mall; 50,000 flowers are planted each spring
• There are 39 street cart vendors and 28 sidewalk cafes
• 28 horse-drawn carriage companies operate on the Mall and in downtown
• There are 400,000 pieces of granite paving in the Mall in a pattern that, when viewed from above, resembles the skin of a Western Diamondback rattlesnak

Colorado State Capitol by the Numbers

• 13th step on the West side (marked by a plaque) is 5,280 feet (1,609 meters) above sea level, one mile high
• 272 feet high (83 meters)
• 200 ounces (5.7 kilos) of 24-karat gold on the dome
• The marble used in the building came from the same quarry that supplied the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier and the Lincoln Memorial
• The entire world's supply of Colorado Rose Onyx was used in interior of the building

The Mountain View from Denver

• 120 miles (190 kilometers) of snowcapped peaks can be seen from Denver. This is called “The Front Range;” the first row of mountains is known locally as “The Foothills”
• More than 200 named peaks can be seen from Denver, including 32 that soar to 13,000 feet (3,962 meters) and above, while Colorado is home to a total of 683 peaks that climb to 13,000 feet (3,962 meters
• Three 14,000-foot (4,267 meters) high peaks (“Fourteeners”) can be seen from Denver, while Colorado is home to a total of 54 “Fourteeners,” the most of any state

Denver Annual Weather Averages

Maximum Temperature:   64.2º F (17.9º C)
Mean Temperature:           50.1º F (10.1º C)
Minimum Temperature:    35.8º F (2.1º C)
Total Precipitation:            15.81 inches (402 mm)
Percentage of Sunshine:    70%
Average days of sunshine per year along Colorado’s Front Range: 300
(Source: Colorado Climate Center)