Fans rally for Denver Broncos

Denver, Colo. & Charlotte, N.C. (Feb. 4, 2016) - The big game may not be until Sunday, but Denver and Charlotte already are waging a battle of friendly competition that involves, among other things, a mayor-to-mayor Super Bowl wager. The mayor with the losing team must don the victor's team jersey and broadcast an image of the moment across social media channels for all to see. But, this city vs city banter doesn't stop with a mayoral wager.

Tourism bureaus from both cities have compiled convincing evidence to support their respective claims of dominance, but readers can judge for themselves which city is more deserving of the "Super City" title.

 Denver  Charlotte
Denver was named among the country's best cities for football fans this week by Panther Nation's 15-1 regular season record (17-1 overall) speaks for itself; the seventh team ever in the NFL to achieve this.
With seven professional sports teams, Denver was recently ranked among the best cities in the nation for sports travel.  Charlotte is also home to seven professional sports teams, which boast events more than 200 days a year.
The Mile High City was officially named one of the world's "50 Best Places to Travel in 2016" by Travel + Leisure. The New York Times recently named Charlotte "an excellent place to soak up the new Old South."
Denver is consistently named among the fittest cities in the country due, in part, to its proximity to the recreational fun of the Rocky Mountains. Carolina blue skies encourage plenty of outdoor exploration. rated the destination among "America's Best Running Cities."
With 100 breweries, the Mile High City brews more beer than any other city in the country and has a longstanding reputation as a beer capital. CNN recently named Denver "America's Best Beer Town." Charlotte's breweries multiply by the day, earning it praise by Fortune as the "Newest Hub for Craft Beer" as well being named by as one of "10 Cities Where Craft Beer is Taking Off."
Known for being the birthplace of the cheeseburger, Denver also was recently proclaimed among the best cities in America for "foodies." Charlotte knows Southern fare. Top-rated N.C. BBQ is a staple along with Bon Appetit's top-rated fried chicken at Price's Chicken Coop.
Consistently voted among the top convention destinations in the country, Denver hosted the Democratic National Convention in 2008. Charlotte followed in Denver's footsteps, hosting the convention in 2012.
Denver has the second-largest performing arts complex in the country with 10 theatres; and Colorado residents rank number one nationally in trips to theatres, concert halls and museums. Charlotte is stealing Hollywood's thunder and has served as a choice filming destination for major productions including "The Hunger Games," "National Lampoon's Vacation" and "Homeland."
Denver's skyline is among the most scenic
anywhere with stunning views of the Rocky
Mountains including three 14,000-foot peaks.
Charlotte's skyline is ever-growing with 29 projects underway and 25 in the pipeline, making the crane a popular sign of the times for progress.
Flanked by two natural, monolithic rock
structures, Denver's infamous Red Rocks
Amphitheatre consistently ranks among the top outdoor concert venues in the U.S.
Charlotte lays claim to the largest, manmade whitewater river in the world at the U.S. National Whitewater Center, also an Olympic training facility.
Denver offers a thriving music scene,
recently ranked among the top cities by Travel + Leisure for "Best Music Scenes" and "Best Festivals."
Musical roots run deep in Charlotte as the birthplace of "funk" with the recording of James Brown's first album. Today, emerging bluegrass, country, folk and rock acts call the region home.
With more than 85 miles of biking trails, Denver was recently ranked among America's most bikeable cities. When it's not the Queen City, it's also known as the City of Trees. Charlotte has more canopy tree cover than any major U.S. city.
Money magazine recently ranked Denver as
the "Best City to Live in the West" calling the Mile High City a "Mecca for millennials."
The city was recently named one of the "Four Best Places to Raise a Family" by MarketWatch due to its "ever-changing" skyline.
Forbes recently ranked Denver as the "Best
City in America for Business and Careers."
Money magazine ranked Charlotte the top big city bargain based on affordability, economic strengths and livability.