Each of the cabs has been fitted with a video screen in the back seat that begins to play when the ride starts. The video (see it here) includes a “Welcome to Denver” message from Mayor Hancock and a series of 30-second segments on Denver attractions, neighborhoods, shopping, dining and cultural facilities. The Bureau’s colorful 140-page Official Visitors Guide to Denver & Colorado is also available in special racks in all 550 cabs.

“You never know who is riding in a cab,” says Richard Scharf, president & CEO of VISIT DENVER. “Top business executives, meeting planners, travel agents, tour operators – people who can bring tens of millions of dollars of business to Denver – routinely get in our cabs. So do leisure visitors from all around the world. We want every visitor arriving in Denver to feel welcome and learn how much there is to see and do in our city,” Scharf said.

Yellow Cab is the first local cab company to feature videos in all of their vehicles. “Last year we outfitted all of our 550 cabs with racks to hold the Official Visitor Guide to Denver & Colorado, and this year we’ve taken it a step forward by adding videos that not only tell people how much Denver has to offer, but shows them as well,” said Randy Jensen, general manager for Yellow Cab. Jensen stated “We recognize how important tourism is to the Denver economy. We want to do everything we can to promote Denver which in turn helps our Yellow Cab drivers.” Yellow Cab, Denver’s oldest cab company, has been serving the Denver Community since 1924. Yellow Cab also operates in Ft. Collins, Boulder and Colorado Springs.

According to Scharf, studies show that visitors who have access to tourist information stay longer in a destination, and spend more money. “We have welcome signs and an information center at Denver International Airport, we have visitor information centers on the 16th Street Mall and in the Colorado Convention Center, and now we are able to welcome visitors in cabs too,” Scharf said. “Tourism is Denver’s second largest industry, supporting 50,000 jobs, so it is important to thank visitors for coming, and give them information to help them enjoy their stay.”

Scharf noted that 2011 was a record year for Denver tourism with 12.7 million overnight visitors who spent a record $3.3 billion. To learn more about the tourism industry’s impact on the Denver and Colorado economy, visit TOURISMPAYSDENVER.com.