Each participating restaurant will create a menu for Harvest Week that features food and/or beverages grown or produced in Colorado and highlights the style of that particular eatery. All menus will be posted on the Harvest Week section of DINR's website. While specific menus won't be finalized until mid-summer, several renowned Colorado ingredients are expected to make appearances, such as peaches, sweet corn, chevre, trout and lamb. Other lesser-known Colorado products will also be featured, such as heirloom tomatoes, berries, greens and potatoes.


Restaurants may choose to do a four-course meal with Colorado wine pairings; a selection of local beers to compliment its regular menu; or a wine tasting with local wines and cheeses. In addition, several restaurants will host individual programs and events including talks with local farmers; presentations by Denver Urban Gardens; pick and cook events with kids; and much more.


"Eating locally not only helps keep the cost of food down because it doesn't have far to travel, but also encourages the production of superior ingredients while benefiting the environment," said Elizabeth Williams, Harvest Week Committee Chair and Events Manager at Highland's Garden Cafe. "Harvest Week will surely be the start of more ongoing relationships between restaurants and local producers."


Denver Metro Convention & Visitors Bureau president Richard Scharf states, "Recent studies show that one out of three tourists consider food to be an important part of their vacation experience. When you travel to Scotland, you taste the local whiskies. When in Italy, you taste the local pastas, or in France the local cheeses and wines. Visitors to Denver are no different -- they want to sample our unique, independently owned and chef-owned restaurants and taste some of the wonderful produce and flavors of Colorado. Harvest Week gives everyone a great opportunity to do this."


The majority of DINR members are award-winning restaurants and include:



  • Barolo Grill



  • Beatrice & Woodsley



  • Bistro Vendome



  • Black Pearl



  • Cafe Colore



  • Campo de Fiori



  • Dixons



  • Double Daughters Salotto



  • Duo



  • Elway's



  • Encore



  • French 250



  • Highlands Garden Cafe



  • Il Posto



  • Izakaya Den



  • Jonesy's



  • Luca D'Italia



  • Max Gill & Grill



  • Mel's



  • Mezcal



  • Mizuna



  • Osteria Marco



  • Parallel 17



  • Pulcinella Ristorante



  • Racines Restaurant



  • Rioja



  • Rock Bar



  • Steuben's



  • Snooze, an A.M. Eatery



  • Solera Restaurant and Wine Bar



  • Strings



  • Sushi Den



  • Table 6



  • Tables



  • Tambien



  • The Fort



  • The Oven



  • Two Fisted Mario's Pizza



  • Vesta



  • Wash Park Grill



Please visit the DINR website (www.eatdenver.com) regularly for more information, as member restaurants will be posting their menus and a calendar of events.


About DINR:

The Denver Independent Network of Restaurants (DINR) was formed in 2006 to support, encourage, and promote independent restaurants and chefs, which are the soul, spirit, and identity of Denver, through education and the formation of a restaurant network. DINR promotes the best of the Mile High City's restaurants -- each one exceptional, owner-operated and committed to extraordinary standards.

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