The Mayoral Proclamation notes: "Local businesses provide essential employment opportunities for citizens of the Denver-Metro region and contribute to the character and unique appeal of our community," and "The City and County of Denver recognizes the important role that local businesses have in our economy and are strongly committed to growing our local business base."

Neil Strandberg, retail manager at the Tattered Cover Book Store, a founding member of the Mile High Business Alliance (MHBA), noted, "In this troubled economy, Buy Local Week is here just in time, as we know that supporting local, independently owned business does more for the tax base, personal income and employment in our neighborhoods than shopping anywhere else. Support your neighbors and support yourself by choosing local first. It's a better Denver every day that you do."

And, according to Mickki Langston, Executive Director of the Mile High Business Alliance, "The statistics support our efforts. Every dollar spent at a locally owned business recirculates in our community six times more than with non-local companies. Not only do local businesses provide more for us in terms of unique experiences and personal relationships, but strong local businesses create a healthier, more stable local economy."

The mission of the Mile High Business Alliance is to build better community through better business. The Alliance helps people find and support local business, and is building an alliance of local businesses who are working together to build a stronger local economy--sharing best practices, doing business together, and helping each other compete against non-local business.

The MHBA's Colorado Local First campaign makes it easier to locate and support businesses that are more responsible, more independent, and more sustainable. In addition to Buy Local Week, an online local business directory (, media campaigns, store posters, window decals, stickers, and more, make it easy for consumers to identify local businesses in Colorado and spread the word about the vital importance of having a locally-based economy.