The Denver Art Museum (DAM) ignites Friday evening with Untitled #19 (Pyro), September 26 from 6 to 10 p.m. Gather with friends to make crafty coffee cozies, witness a molten iron pour and please your inner pyro at the last Untitled event of the 2008 series.


CU Denver’s visual arts department brings the flames to the DAM’s Martin Plaza. Set your eyes ablaze with a live iron pour and sculpture casting. Sculpture students heat the iron to liquefying temperatures and pour into casks. Fire and flames jump as the iron settles into the mold. Pours will happen throughout the evening.


Defined by both classical and experimental sounds, The Playground performs in Duncan Pavilion. The musical ensemble is dedicated to groundbreaking 20th century works as well as present-day music. Their sound expands common conceptions of both contemporary music and the traditional chamber ensemble.


Special detours of the Museum cover important fire safety and behind-the-scenes features of the Hamilton Building. Find out where all the fire exits and stairwells lead. Take part in the vote to determine if that piece of art is hot or not. A faux bonfire sets the mood for a toasty evening and fun picture posing. Untitled favorite Buntport Theater is so funny, they might combust!


Many artists call their work “Untitled” so nothing limits how each viewer perceives their art. Similarly, anything can happen at Untitled events. Like every final Friday event, Untitled #19 (Pyro) offers a dose of the unexpected with new music, interactive technology, a cash bar and offbeat encounters with art.


Untitled events are included in regular Museum admission. Students presenting valid IDs receive 2-for-1 admission when tickets are purchased on-site. Untitled is sponsored by Charles Schwab. Catering is provided by Bistro Boys Catering and Gourmet Fine Catering.


Pyro is the final Untitled event of the ’08 season. The new series ignites April 2009. For more information, visit