Play in the mountains, stay in the city! That's the tagline for Basecamp Denver, a compilation of our best outdoor content so that you can do just that. We've posted a series of videos to inspire your next expedition.

Join snowboarding legend, Russell Winfield, as he takes two friends from south Jersey out for the ideal Denver guys’ day.

Windfield meets the friends in the lobby of The Maven Hotel with its famous sculpture of a human hand as the backdrop. The group then drives to the town of Fraser near Winter Park Resort to go snowmobiling with Grand Adventures Snowmobiling.

The group marvels over the views as they blast around on the trails.

“The views are incredible. It’s crazy we were just in Denver,” says one of the friends.

“This is what Colorado is all about,” says the other.

The trio then heads back to the city for a tour of Stranahan’s Colorado Whiskey, the state’s first legal distillery. The trio takes a tour and see the rack house where they age the whiskey before bottling. Then it’s time for a whiskey tasting.

If you feel the need for speed, check out High Country Snowmobile Tours in Silverthorne or Grand Adventures Snowmobiling & ATV with three locations: Winter Park, Fraser and Grand Lake. Or take an exhilarating heated "sleigh ride" via an all-terrain vehicle thanks to Great Outdoors Adventures. They'll let you play around on snow-covered trails.