There's something for everyone now going on at the Denver Museum of Nature & Science. From a Pink Floyd experience to out-of-this-world exhibitions, a playground for kids, 360-degree panoramic rooftop views of the city, animal displays, dioramas, shiny minerals and much more—whatever your interests are, you'll find something captivating at the museum. Here are 11 fun things to do at the Denver Museum of Nature & Science: 

A Pink Floyd experience at Denver Museum of Nature & Science's planetarium

1. Planetarium Experience: Pink Floyd's 'Dark Side of the Moon'

Celebrate the 50th anniversary of Pink Floyd's legendary album, "The Dark Side of the Moon," in a mind-bending planetarium experience like no other. Step into a mesmerizing world of music and visuals as you journey through the solar system and beyond. With state-of-the-art technology, NSC Creative and Pink Floyd's collaborator Aubrey Powell have crafted a visually stunning production that brings each song to life, blending futuristic aesthetics with nods to the band's iconic imagery. 


2. Gems and Minerals

The Denver Museum of Nature & Science has the most beautiful collection of gems, minerals, diamonds, gold, rock formations and one-of-a-kind treasures. You'll be dazzled by the largest known pocket of aquamarine ever discovered, from Colorado's own Mount Antero to a giant Brazilian topaz once owned by artist Salvador Dali. The hall is packed with hundreds of specimens from around the world. Hands-on activities and videos help young explorers learn about mineral characteristics and how minerals form.


3. Film: Jane Goodall's 'Reasons for Hope'

Discover the extraordinary power of hope with "Reasons for Hope," a captivating giant-screen film inspired by the remarkable life and philosophy of Jane Goodall. Through inspiring stories and breathtaking visuals, this film instills a renewed sense of optimism and empowers audiences to become catalysts for positive change in our world. 


4. Film: 'Flight of the Butterflies'

Embark on a thrilling journey with hundreds of millions of real butterflies through remote mountain peaks of Mexico in the awe-inspiring movie “Flight of the Butterflies” at the Infinity Theater. Witness their perilous migration and uncover their secret hideaway in this breathtaking film, featuring remarkable cinematography and an incredible 40-year scientific quest.


5. Film: 'Secrets of the Sea'

Dive into the fascinating world of the ocean in "Secrets of the Sea." This film takes you on an underwater journey with an incredible variety of enchanting marine creatures, from pygmy seahorses and dazzling opalescent squid to majestic manta rays, tiger sharks and even a clever coconut octopus. This extraordinary film showcases the indispensable role of marine biodiversity in maintaining the well-being of our oceans. It was filmed in 16 stunning locations, including Tahiti, Mexico, the Philippines and California. 


6. Anschutz Family Sky Terrace

Hands down, it's the best panoramic view of Denver and City Park and often serves as the vantage point for postcard pictures. Yup, it's there at the Denver Museum of Nature & Science. Whether you're a sucker for great views, looking for a place to pop THE question, or simply looking to stare at the mystical Rocky Mountains, this 5,000-square-foot terrace on the fourth floor of the museum is a spectacular place to visit. 


7. Prehistoric Journey

Are you a dinosaur lover? Say no more! They don't call them "The Dinosaur Museum" colloquially for no reason. If you're looking to bring those Jurassic Park fantasies to life, head over to the Denver Museum of Nature & Science. This is as real as it gets. They have real dinosaur specimens on-site as well as paleontologists and educators to help answer all those Jurassic questions.


8. Expedition Health

Always a visitor favorite, Expedition Health® is about your human body and how it's constantly changing and adapting in ways you can see, measure and optimize through the choices you make. In the exhibition gallery, you will experience highly personalized activities, become immersed in a theater experience that engages all of your senses, look at microscopic cells from your own body in a laboratory, participate in live demonstrations and programs, and meet "buddies" who will help you learn about your health.


9. Space Odyssey

Want more, um, space? They've got you covered. "Space Odyssey" is an interactive exhibition focusing on answering the "how" of things, catapulting you into a place where you can touch, see, hear and, yes, even smell what it’s like to be “out there.” You determine how to engage with the world beyond us in a wildly creative environment that encourages free-range space science and no-boundaries adventure.


10. Friday Evening Hours

Can't make it to the museum during the day? Come for an evening visit during Friday Evening Hours! This is a favorite among those looking for a quieter museum experience, which is perfect for dates, solo dates or group gatherings. And, of course, it has a bar cart open for adults 21-plus. Cheers! 


11. Discovery Zone

The Discovery Zone is a bustling playground with activities that help build a strong foundation of science skills in young children as they look, ask, discover, make and share. Kids will get their hands dirty, wet and dusty with the array of learning activities at Discovery Zone—from fossil digging to seeing how water wheels operate. Whatever it is you're looking to do, the Denver Museum of Nature & Science has you covered. Enjoy!