The Colorado Convention Center is the largest public meeting facility in Colorado - a six-square-block, 2 million-square-foot innovation hub that serves as a knowledge sharing center, marketplace and entertainment facility.

Inside are 63 learning rooms; a 14-acre exhibition hall; one of Colorado's largest ballrooms; a 5,000-seat, state-of-the art theatre and 1,200 parking spaces.

The center has 4.5 acres of glass; a light rail station; the largest kitchen in Colorado and its own outdoor farm, which grows 5,000 pounds of vegetables a year.

Since it opened in 1990 and was doubled in size in 2004, the Colorado Convention Center has been an economic engine for downtown Denver, generating more than $500 million in annual economic impact, spurring the growth of 3,000 downtown hotel rooms and thousands of new jobs.

Of course the center supports hotels, restaurants, retail, car rentals and entertainment throughout Denver, but there are many more ancillary jobs associated with the building. Hundreds of contractors, decorators, exhibit builders, florists, photographers, entertainers, speakers, IT experts and equipment rental specialists all make a living from this building.

When there is a major convention in town, tens of thousands of people flood into the city, accessing a variety of services -- from three meals a day to places to shop, sleep and be entertained. The convention center helps support downtown Denver's five art museums, three sports stadiums and 300 restaurants.

Best of all, the operating costs and marketing for the building is paid for by out-of-town convention delegates through lodging and car rental taxes.

It is an engine that requires very little from citizens, but gives back great benefits to our city.

Cindy Parsons
Vice President, Public Relations
2015 Chair, VISIT DENVER


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