When flying into Denver, people first notice the stunning Rocky Mountains and Denver International Airport’s distinctive roof, which resembles snow-capped peaks. Located at the foot of the mountains, Denver is the perfect launching point for groups seeking a day trip to one of the country’s most-visited national parks, historic mountain mining towns and Pikes Peak Country, with iconic attractions like the Royal Gorge and mineral springs...for sipping not soaking! 

Rocky Mountain National Park

Located 71 miles northwest of Denver, Rocky Mountain National Park features 400 square miles of scenic beauty, including the highest highway in the world, more than two miles above sea level.

Central City & Black Hawk

The historic mining towns of Central City and Black Hawk have reinvented themselves with dozens of 24-hour casinos. They're located 34 miles west of Denver.

Mount Evans and Echo Lake

Mount Evans has the highest paved auto road in North America, snaking its way to the 14,260-foot summit.

Pikes Peak Country

Pikes Peak Country is an hour south of Denver. It features more than 40 attractions, including the magnificent Garden of the Gods and the 14,000-foot Pikes Peak itself.