Check out these fun activities you can do from home - all with a unique Mile High City twist. Remember, your friends at VISIT DENVER are thinking of you!

Mile High Mondays - sending you a Mile-High smile from Denver!

Mile High PuzzlesExamples of Mile High Mondays puzzles

We know quarantine isn't a game, and for people who like to meet face-to-face, this is a tough time. While you're at home, please enjoy some R&R with these fun puzzles. Download now.



Mile High BakingMile High Mondays Baking Night with Victory Love and Cookies

Stuck at home? Treat yourself to quarantine cookies with a little help from the team at Victory Love + Cookies. Download recipe now.


Mile High MusicMile High Mondays Digital Music Festival

It’s hard to rock out when you’re in quarantine, so we’ve brought the music to you with a Denver Rocks! playlist. Download the festival poster here.





Mile High FitnessMile High Mondays Fitness Night!

Try this at-home workout until you can visit Red Rocks Park & Amphitheatre in person! Download the workout now.





Mile High CookingMile High Mondays Cooking Night

Whip up a batch of green chili pozole from James Beard Award-nominated Chef Dana Rodriguez. Download the recipe now.





Mile High BingoMile High Mondays Bingo

Lace up your sneakers and head outside for an interactive game of Denver bingo. Download your bingo card now.





Mile High BearBlue Bear Paper Doll

Pique your curiosity and dress up Denver's most famous mascot - the big Blue Bear. Download your paper doll now.




Mile High MoviesBlue Bear Movie

You might not be able to go to a movie theater right now, but you can watch a Denver-inspired film or TV show! Check out this curated list of Mile-High movies and shows. Download the movie poster here!




Mile High Happy HourMile High Monday_Cocktail

Recreate a sunny happy hour on a Denver patio in your own home, with a Mile-High twist on a classic cocktail. Download the recipe here!




Mile High Digital PuzzlesMile High Mondays_Digital Puzzle

Take a mental break with these interactive digital puzzles, featuring some iconic Denver locations. Play now!




Mile High Sustainability Mile High Mondays_Green

Join the Blue Bear in a quest to boost your sustainability practices! Go green today with this sustainability guide.




Mile High Street Art

Art extends beyond gallery walls in Denver! Take a tour of some of Denver's best street art from the comfort of your own home. Mile High Mondays_Street Art

Mile High Safari

Find adventure in Denver! Take a virtual  safari of some of Denver's wildest attractions, right from your own home. Mile High Mondays_Safari

Mile High Cuisine

Growing a backyard bounty of veggies? This summery recipe from the James Beard Award-winning Mercantile dining & provision is just what you need. Download the recipe here.

Mile High Mondays_Mercantile

Mile High Beer 101

Denver is America's No. 1 beer city! Don't know a saison from a session? Download a quick Beer 101 lesson from one of the city's top brewers, so you can order your next pint with confidence.

Mile High Mondays_Beer