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Rent-and-Ride (Deposit Only)

ScooTours Denver - Scooter Rental & Tours

1417 California St.
Denver, CO 80202
(720) 523-3240


#Renting a Scooter in Denver!


2 hours, 3 hours, or Full Day


Riding a Vespa is simply the best way to see Denver. Our great weather, level terrain, scooter-friendly roads and traffic, our beautiful and safe neighborhoods, and the ability to park on any sidewalk means that exploring on a moped is the one of the best things to do in Denver.

Learning to ride is very easy. We are patient and experienced trainers. You will practice laps and laps around our parking lot until you are fully comfortable before you begin your time. Our scooters are easy, fast and fun!

You select a start time and pay a $25 deposit (which is applied to your rental) to reserve your motor scooter. Arrive on time at our parking lot with your valid driver's license and a credit/debit card for our security deposit. Remember, you must be comfortable on a regular bicycle recently for us to be able to train you to ride. Also, we forbid weed, alcohol, and other intoxicants on the day of your ride until after you return your scooter.

Don't bother telling us how long you will be gone. We won't believe you. Most of our customers who promise us they'll be back in 2 hours realize how much fun it is and they stay out much longer. Regardless of your start time, you must return by 8pm. You are charged for the time between your departure and your return.

$65 - Two hours or less
$85 - Three hours or less
$95 - All day until 8pm

Relax. We already know you are probably from out of town. You'll tell us you won't know where to go. It always turns out extremely easy. We'll be giving you great suggestions on where to explore and super-easy directions.

Stay near Denver and explore our parks and neighborhoods and murals and art. Zoom out to the foothills to Golden and up Lookout Mountain. If you are adventurous, we'll tell you the three turns required to get to Red Rocks Amphitheatre.

We'll provide your helmet, lock, eye protection if you don't bring your sunnies, all of your gas, maps, sunscreen, rain poncho, kleenex, hand sanitizer, liability insurance, and suggestions/directions for where to explore.

You must return your scooter back to our location.