Pat Milbery

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Pat Milbery

Milbery’s art has carved out a place of its own on the streets of Denver. Local businesses welcome his murals, and his “Love This City” series draws eyes and attention to his favorite spots in town.​

He’s also the co-owner of So-Gnar, an umbrella collective that’s responsible for Snowboard Camp Tour (a freestyle riding camp founded to inspire children), the Shredded Beats hip-hop concert series, and a line of wearable art that includes hats, beanies, shirts, hoodies, jackets, gloves and more. “We take pride in our unique designs and encourage others to express themselves and be different,” Milbery says. “The mission is to empower people of all ages to follow their dreams and be creative every day.”

You also can find his artistic manifestations on the walls of boutiques, breweries, bars and other businesses, whether it’s the Douglas Apartments in Lower Downtown (LoDo), Declaration Brewing in south Denver or the Buffalo Exchange boutique in the Capitol Hill area. Milbery also has worked on major art installations for Ford Motor Company, X Games and Pabst Blue Ribbon, among other large brands.

While in Denver, be sure to grab a photo of your group in front of one of these colorful and meaningful expressions of being true to oneself.



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