Menu Price: $35.00

Zocalito Latin Bistro now in Denver, Colorado, is home to chef Michael Beary, the man who is doing more than anyone to bring the authentic ingredients and true flavors of Oaxaca to America. Over the years, Beary has traveled widely in the Oaxaca region and now works directly with farmers and food artisans who supply him with rare chile peppers and other ingredients.



First Course

Sauteed calamari, cucumber & kale salad served with pico de gallo, tossed with a smoky pumpkin seed-lemon dressing

Caesar salad served with garlic croutons, anchovies and smoky pasilla spice

Second Course

Cuban black bean soup with grilled skirt steak, tomatoes, onions and fresh herbs

Chicken tortilla soup with corn, vegetables, cheese and tortilla strips

Third Course

Carne asada with negro mole, pico de gallo, rice, black beans and cheese

Oaxacan chicken breast wrapped in banana leaf with chorizo, cheese, tomatoes, potatoes, onion, corn and spicy yellow chilhuacle mole

Fourth Course

Oaxacan Chocolate Mousse