3 Ghosts: a Theatrical Recreation Of A Seance

Oct 30, 2018


Historically, the 1860's were the most trying time in Colorado's history. With the Civil War depleting the town's resources and population, and with fire and flood destroying most of Denver and killing thousands, it was a turbulent time to say the least. Join Anthem and Aria as they take you on a journey through 3 ghost stories that have chilled Denverites to the bone for hundreds of years.

Only 20 tickets are available for October 30th at 10 pm. This event is NOT suitable for children and features intense moments, special effects, and terrifying themes. A waiver must be signed so please arrive 15 minutes early to be briefed, to get food and drinks, and find parking. This event takes place in a basement that is known for being extremely haunted. This event will require you to walk up and down the stairs to enter and exit.

Anthem and Aria are world class magicians and the ghostly apparitions that are planned are merely illusions performed by fraudulent mediums for hundreds of years.

Featuring a pitch dark seance, live actors, and perhaps some of Syntax's real ghosts... it's a haunted experience that is not to be missed!