33-1/3 Japan book series launch: Talk on Hatsune Miku and Cowboy Bebop

Oct 29, 2017

Bloomsbury Publishing has just launched 33-1/3 Global, an extension of its popular 33-1/3 series of books on popular music albums. The first two series of the global project are 33-1/3 Brazil and 33-1/3 Japan, with Europe and other regions to follow. More about the series can be found here:

33-1/3 Japan is a series dedicated to Japanese popular music in all its variety, from 1960s rock and 1970s technopop to the anime and vocaloid musics of today. The first books from the series are Supercell ft. Hatsune Miku (by Keisuke Yamada), about the first hit album featuring the world's most famous vocaloid avatar and the fan culture that surrounds her; and Yoko Kanno's Cowboy Bebop Soundtrack (by Rose Bridges), about the music that fleshes out the characters and pays homage to a wide range of musical and cinematic influences, based on interviews with producer Shinichiro Watanabe, composer Yoko Kanno, and many voice actors.

Leah Babb-Rosenfeld, the music editor at Bloomsbury, and Noriko Manabe, the series editor for 33-1/3 Japan, will give a short introduction about the series and upcoming titles. Then Keisuke Yamada and Rose Bridges will talk about their books on Supercell/Hatsune Miku and Cowboy Bebop, respectively. We will finish with a Q&A and book signing by the authors.

Please join us in celebrating this launch!