3rd Annual Lucha Libre Come to Win

Jul 20, 2018

Join Museo in our 3rd Annual Lucha Libre Come to Win!

With a traditional open air setting and a crowd of spectators of all ages, join us for a jam packed summer evening full of excitement and adrenaline! We invite the community to enjoy Museo's outdoor space with a Lucha Libre battle royale this July. Sponsored by Office of Immigrant & Refugee Affairs.

Lucha Libre is a form of Mexican wrestling known for its colorful masks, rapid sequences of holds, as well as "high-flying" maneuvers. The wearing of masks has developed special significance, and the matches are sometimes contested in which the loser must permanently remove his mask.

This years' match will feature Hugo's Wrestling crew of Luchadores. Be a part of Mexico's ultimate tradition! Lucha Libre is an event that will bring friends and family together in excitement, laughs, and awe. Watch Luchadores in all their fury become legendary!

One night only, family friendly, with cash bar by donation and music!

$8 for Members
$10 for Children
$15 for Adults

Tickets will be $20 the day of the event for non-members!