A+ Colorado: How We Evolve

Feb 22, 2019


A+ Colorado invites you this February, to our second event - How We Evolve for the best education party of the year at Ironworks, a brand new art-deco space near downtown Denver. No sit down, no rubber chicken and we cap the program at 20 minutes. Seriously.

At this event, we will be honoring three Colorado leaders who have envisioned new opportunities for Colorado kids:

- Governor John Hickenlooper
- Governor Bill Owens
- The founders of Padres y Jóvenes Unidos - Pam & Ricardo Martinez

All 3 honorees have shaped the course of Colorado's education evolution, pushing both from the top of the system and from the grassroots. A+ Colorado believes that we need leaders who can bridge and compromise between both sides to achieve great things for Colorado kids.