A Hogwarts Homecoming

Jul 28, 2018

Calling all muggles, wizards, witches and Harry Potter lovers of all ages!

Meet us at Platform 9 and ¾ on Saturday, July 28th at 10:00am and be transported to A Hogwarts Homecoming celebrating 20 years of magic!

Magical creatures in Hagrid’s Hut, quidditch matches for all to enjoy and a world of wizardry awaits all who join in this celebration! Brush up on your Harry Potter trivia, dress in your best wizarding attire and prepare to be sorted by the Sorting Hat! Explore the shops at Hogsmeade to find potions, learn spells, eat candy frogs, savor butterbeer and more! Don’t forget to stop at the bookstore where Second Star to the Right will supply the NEW 20th Anniversary Editions with amazing cover illustrations by Brian Selznick!

Guided tours of Diagon Alley will be given to groups of wizards and witches in intervals as you visit Ollivander’s and a special wizard will be paired with a unique wand. Opportunities to recite the spells you’ve learned and create your own magic abound as you enter Hogwarts. Interact with wizards of the past, meet members of your class, add thoughts to the Muggle Wall and have fun taking photos as you move through the Theatre to the Great Hall! Members of each house will be invited to participate in the Harry Potter trivia contests and costume contests to earn points for their house throughout the day.