Oct 5, 2018


Austin Wintory, (creator) composer/conductor
Tony Lund, (creator) writer/producer
Maria Spiropulu, Alice Roberts, and Carolyn Porco, guest speakers
Hana Hayes, actor
Troy Baker, actor
Tina Guo, cello

Join us for the world premiere of A Light In The Void, one of the most funded classical music Kickstarter campaigns of all time. This show blends stirring original compositions with an unforgettable theatrical narrative story. With world-renowned scientists live on stage, A Light In The Void features arresting visuals, cutting-edge lighting design, and an original score performed by your Colorado Symphony.

This immersive experience follows the story of a broken and lost young adult who demands answers to life's biggest questions. What unfolds is a mythic journey of scientific discovery with a cast of larger-than-life advisories. Together you'll uncover a team of renowned scientists and explorers who all prove to have her back—including a physicist, anthropologist, and space explorer.

This concert is a marriage of storytelling, science, stunning visuals, and symphonic music, designed to ignite your senses with the elation of discovery and wonder. It is an experience designed to capture and nurture that indescribable feeling we get when looking out at the nighttime sky. This is a story 13.8 billion years in the making, and it will renew your vows with all that is greater than ourselves.

Legendary actor Troy Baker playing opposite youth star Hana Hayes (The Last of Us) illuminate the stage as actors throughout the performance and cello phenomenon Tina Guo is a newly added addition as a featured soloist.