Adventure First Aid


Know some herbal 1st aid before you go! Planning on traveling, hiking, or camping this summer? Come learn in this hands on course about herbal remedies for your own herbal first aid kit and how to ID local plants that can benefit unfortunate situations. Discover ways of how herbal applications can come to your aid if you encounter a misadventure on your excursion - whether it's a walk in the woods, or backpacking in Guatemala. We will discuss several plants & preparations will also come in hand. Leave the workshop prepared for and knowledgeable about situations ranging from poison ivy in your backyard, preventing infections, to international traveling qualms.

During the event...

Taste or test out a variety of herbal first aid remedies
Learn about what herbal remedies are great for herbal first aid & how to identify & use several local "first aid" plants
Take home a component for your herbal first aid kit