Alex Heffron Quintet: The Book Of Brecker

3/20/2019, 3/27/2019


Michael Brecker was one of the most influential tenor saxophonists of all time. With 15 Grammy awards as a performer and composer, and having recorded on over 700 albums, he is a true icon in music. His music was deeply rooted in traditions of jazz, but pushed past many of the standard methods of composing and improvising on the music. His technique and versatility on the instrument was unsurpassed he changed how people looked at the saxophone forever. Some of his most outstanding albums as a leader are with guitarist Pat Metheny. This residency plays homage to the relationship between Brecker and Metheny and the works from their collaborations including: "Tales From the Hudson", "Michael Brecker", "Time is of the Essence", "The Nearness of You", and Brecker's final album, "Pilgrimage".

Alex Heffron - guitar, Taylor Clay - saxophone, Tom Amend - piano, Hunter Roberts - bass, Braxton Kahn - drums

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