Almodóvar En Total: Broken Embraces

8/26/2017, 8/28/2017

The news of the death of powerful Madrilenian businessman Ernesto Martel (José Luis Gómez) forces Harry Caine (Lluís Homar), a blind man who was once a film writer/director, to confront his tragic past. Magdalena (Penélope Cruz) was the star of Caine’s last feature, Girls and Suitcases, with a plot similar to Almodóvar’s 1998 film Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown. Although she was Martel’s much-younger girlfriend at the time, the director and actress fell ferociously in love during filming. The film-within-a-film, combining multiple genres, brings together love, obsession, voyeurism, and melancholy in a moving meditation on filmmaking and cinema.

Saturday screenings will have an extended introduction by Ernesto R. Acevedo-Muñoz, Ph.D.
Director of Film Studies at the University of Colorado/Boulder and author of the book, Pedro Almodovar.