Alright Alright, Andrea von Kampen & Anthony Ruptak

Jun 30, 2018

An evening of Indie Acoustic Folk music with Alright Alright, Andrea von Kampen, Anthony Ruptak at The Walnut Room - Walnut Street Location

Alright Alright
What do you get when a classically trained pianist falls in love with a guy who learned to play the guitar on the beach in Hawaii? Alright Alright! Blending piano-based folk Americana with a sprinkle of rock, a dash of cabaret and a whole lot of charisma, the Denver, CO, band has built up a wicked show. Since 2007, after many twists and turns, and life surprises (babies!!) the band has evolved into a dynamic, eclectic group of songwriters and multi-instrumentalists with a heavy dose of harmony, and a filter of whatever instruments are on hand. See them in their favorite setting, a house show, or on stage at a club, and you will never forget them.

Andrea von Kampen
"We were completely blown away." -NPR All Songs Considered

With over 4 million Spotify streams and counting, Nebraska-based songwriter Andrea von Kampen has quickly established herself in the recording studio and on the road. Her deft guitar work and intuitive song construction display striking maturity, and her effortless vocal delivery has been praised by Hear Nebraska as "soulful and worn-in."

Anthony Ruptak
"His songs are like combines. Upon ignition, the teeth and the gears begin churning and he just throttles it out and into the open – tearing up the fields, raping the land of its bounty and leaving the earth bare and naked and ashamed, but somehow grateful." ~ The Denver Syntax