Altar Ego

Jan 12, 2018 - Jan 28, 2018

Altar || Ego is a visceral installation at by artist Kristyn Shafer. This vignette captures her struggle to navigate the complicated experience of being feminine. She stages a boudoir addressing the conflicting expectations that surround feminine identity and sexual shame. By subtly integrating her archetypally feminine, gently macabre, and sometimes abhorrent objects with society's most forbidden taboos, she challenges her viewers to consider what it is to be feminine. Her tactile environment invites her viewers to look closer, maybe even smell the floral amalgamation.
By bringing attention to the liminal space that exists between public and private conceptions of beauty, Shafer gently nudges her audience to consider their own ego within this feminine context. She brings objects that at seem disconnected together to create a narrative of femininity, and contrasts an abject uncontrollable body with the rituals women repeat incessantly in order to try to control it. Shafer presents a reality of her feminine body and asks her audience to consider it.