An Intimate Evening with Yanni: Piano and Intimate Conversation

Nov 9, 2017

Yanni returns to the USA and Canada with a concert tour that will give fans what they have been waiting for. Yanni as you know him best, performing his instrumental hits from the shows that have amazed millions around the world. Fans will witness Yanni and his world class musicians as they take the stage to perform his greatest instrumental hits.The tour is in support of "Truth Of Touch" which is Yanni's first studio instrumental album in over 7 years. "Truth Of Touch" is the album that fans have been waiting for since Yanni's last studio album, 2003's "Ethnicity." "Truth Of Touch" is more electronic than acoustic, says Yanni. "There are a lot of fresh sounds and rhythms on this album. I had a lot of fun making this album and you will feel a lot of Yanni on this but there is a departure from what you might expect."