Around the World with One Night Stand

Jun 3, 2018

One Night Stand Theater takes the audience on a tour of friendly foreign cultures and strange, exotic tourists in “Around the World with One Night Stand” on Sunday, June 3, 7:00 p.m. at the Vintage Theater in Aurora.
This one-night-only production features short plays that take place around the world:

• A wife loses her husband in a Paris art museum in “Lost and Found” by Jeffrey Neuman.
• Jealousy, danger and romantic obsession bedevil a 1950s expedition in South America in “The Mother of God Concession” by Steve Hunter.
• Two travelers with romantic troubles cross paths in a Greek cafe in “The Clutch” by David-Matthew Barnes.
• A young Russian capitalist puts Lenin’s remains up for sale in “Call Me Comrade” by Ross Peter Nelson.
• A woman travels to France to be maid of honor at her friend’s fourth wedding in “Spinster in Paris” by Nicolette Vajtay.
• Israel’s contrasts and contradictions are explored in the poem “Three Cities” by Linda Berry.
• Two women stranded on a lifeboat in the South Pacific adopt fictitious personas to keep themselves sane in “Ship of Fools” by Patrick Gabridge.

“Our ‘Around the World’ show is not as much a travelogue of foreign destinations as it is an exploration of what happens we are taken out of our familiar settings and comfort zones,” says James O’Leary, One Night Stand Theater’s artistic director. “South America, Greece, France, Israel, Russia and the South Pacific act as backdrops for dramatic conflict, romance and self-discovery.”

One Night Stand Theater is a Denver-area theater company that has presented one-night-only evenings of theatrical staged readings over the past nine years, each with its own theme. Performances have featured folk tales, American history, old-time radio, Hollywood, and plays about war, romance, and the Bible.

“Around the World with One Night Stand” takes place on Sunday, June 3 at 7:00 p.m. at the Vintage Theatre, located at 1468 Dayton St., one half-block south of Colfax Avenue in Old Downtown Aurora. Tickets are $10. To make reservations, e-mail or phone 303-725-4959. More information is available at and at the One Night Stand Theater Facebook page.