Art for Everyone

Apr 2, 2021 - Apr 18, 2021


Mr. Hayakawa's work is in permanent collections of 6 museums in Italy, Spain, Mexico and Chile and he has had over 28 solo and group exhibitions in U.S.A., Japan, Korea, Mexico, and Thailand. While successful as an artist, he remains rooted in the belief that art touches and nurtures our human spirit and that it should be accessible to everyone, a philosophy that motivates this special event in which he offers his work at significantly reduced pricing.

Art for Everyone will follow Mr. Hayakawa's highly successful Core of Life exhibition which was driven by a premonition of his death in 2006. At nearly 80 years old, Hayakawa's Art for Everyone exhibitions are retrospective curations from his decades of work. Patrons will experience his abstract expressionism paintings, with Eastern influence of his Japanese origin, that explore his gratitude for spirituality and being alive. Mr. Hayakawa says: "At a time when lives and businesses are threatened by pandemic, I feel it's imperative to continue to live fully and persevere in any way we can. Illness will sadly take lives but we do not have to let it kill our collective human spirit." Tadashi Hayakawa was born in 1941 in Japan and came to U.S.A. in 1961 as foreign student. In 1969 he received his MFA from Otis Art Institute of Art, California.The exhibition will be held at Next Gallery, a space owned and operated by 28 working artists whose mission it is to promote art appreciation and education through community outreach.