ART WAR! A Star Wars Art Party

May 4, 2017

ARTWAR? Is this a STAR WARS themed ART focused PARTY on May the 4th of every year?

Think of it as a Comic-Con but with a lot more of the good stuff so more Star Wars, more alcohol, more music, more dancing, waaay cooler venue, more gallery worthy art by incredibly talented local artists, and of course a lot more fun than anything else you could be doing. There is simply no better way to celebrate your love of these iconic movies on what we all recognize as the official day of Star Wars!

More Info:
-It's a theme party, get into it or come appreciate the fan made costumes!
-There will be dancing - a not so silent disco!
-Special galactic drinks from The Dark Side and Rebel Alliance will be available!
-A limited edition poster will be given to the first 75 registered attendees!
-The venue will be displaying an impressive amount of local artists Star Wars theme artwork which have been created specifically for this event!!! Yes, really, over 75 works of art just for this show!
-The space will be completely transformed for this event only!
-A performance art version of the original movies will be playing on large projectors!
-Your dressed up furry friends are encouraged to attend!
-There will even be drones that you've been looking for!
-Fan Art Vendors!

Limited VIP Tickets Include
-Custom event t-shirt
-Unlimited Drinks
-Event Poster
-Early and Late Admission

Even More Important Info:
-Trekkies...stay home! Just kidding, you can come be on the Dark Side just this once!
-We can promise you, Jar Jar will not be allowed into the building. He is the worst.

The only place to get your tickets will be through the ticketing link above beginning March 31st. There will not be tickets available through Groupon or LivingSocial and once they are sold out they are gone for good!

Find us on Instagram: @artwardenver