Artist Talk with Holly Nordeck

Jan 23, 2019


Join us for an artist talk with Holly Nordeck on Wednesday, January 23 from 6 – 8PM. Free and open to the public. Her Exhibition On Your Left is on display at Art Gym January 3-25, 2019.

On a commute to an internship in Ft. Collins, CO, artist Holly Nordeck noticed an abundance of garbage on the left side of the major highway that connects Ft. Collins and Denver. After extensive research, she learned that highway patrol only cleans up the trash on right side of the highway due to the danger of cleaning it up on the inside median, or left side, of the road. Nordeck’s series On Your Left puts to use the discarded trash to examine human consumption and neglect. She attached a camera to the left side of her car to film the trash on this commute. She then watched the hours of footage to take stills anytime trash came into frame. Speaking on her process, she said “by using film and still frames, I satisfy my curiosity to look more in depth at litter and highlight objects that go unnoticed due to the nature of faced-paced highway driving.”

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