Dynamic Variation:

Artist's Talk: Catalyst Installation

Oct 10, 2021


In scientific terms, a catalyst is a material that precipitates change, or a reaction. In life, art is often the catalyst for new ideas, thoughts, and actions. Beginning September 2021, five Colorado artists are collaborating on an immersive installation at Niza Knoll Gallery called “Catalyst”. Visitors are asked to bring their imagination and embrace the mystery as they encounter a multi-sensory experience, including glimpses of abstracted forms inspired by the natural and imagined world. The altered space will incorporate various materials including cast paper, fiber, 3D printed forms and video projections that that envelop the viewer with the intent to spark feelings of change and growth. The artists, participating by invitation, are Victoria Eubanks, Kendra Fleischman, Judy Gardner, Jennifer Ghormley and Bonnie Ferrill Roman.

 The public is invited to an artist talk on Sunday October 10, 1 pm and is welcome to view the installation from September 24 – November 21, 2021. As a thank you, visitors who donate the suggested $5 will take home a handprinted collector’s ticket. Check the website current gallery hours and photos of the exhibit at www.nizaknollgallery.com