Aureum: An Acrobatic Adventure Tale

Feb 21, 2020


“…I’ve seldom found circus acts beautiful, as opposed to exciting or fun. “Bow,” in which Brittany Walsh, balancing upside down, shoots an arrow with her feet, is all three.”—Coeur d’Alene/Post Falls Press

The benevolent White Queen of Aureum and her warrior guardian welcome twins into the world. Knowing that the White Queen’s bloodline is the only way to gain control of Aureum, the Red Empress hatches an evil plan to kidnap one of the twins, setting the tale in motion. Aureum is part of a new genre in theater known as theatrical acrobatics, which seamlessly integrates compelling storytelling and characters with world-class acrobatics and aerial. With an incredible original soundtrack, high-flying technical elements, an award-winning cast, and a rich narrative, Aureum is an unforgettable experience.