Babe Walls

Aug 13, 2020 - Aug 16, 2020


Watch as 28 womxn artists take to the walls of Westminster, CO and celebrate their feminity in art.

Due to COVID state regulations, a restricted amount of people will be allowed in the area at one time every 1.5hrs. Please remember to wear a mask and keep social distancing.

This festival is a celebration of women and non-binary folks in art along with the celebration of the community we can create together. It is not to be excluded by gender – but to celebrate our community formed by the feminine, which we inherently relate to.

We are organized as a safe place for women, who not only have made their name in the mural world, but to also give opportunities to up and coming female artists that don't know how to make the first step.

Each artist is collaborating with another artist to create a work of art that not only shows their strengths and styles as artists, but the commonality of our femininity.

We are here to champion all gender of artists because we are all equal people in our artistic drive and will to create.

We all have artistic struggle and we all generate a part of ourselves in multiple art forms, WE ARE ALL ARTISTS. We are here to celebrate women in their art and what we can do as women when we come together to create.