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Back from the Brink: Saved from Extinction

Sep 23, 2021


Experience the remarkable true story of three animal species rescued from the brink of extinction with a screening of the IMAX film "Back from the Brink." Discover how California’s enchanting Channel Island Fox is rescued from an invasion of Golden Eagles, an endeavor supported by efforts from The Nature Conservancy (TNC) and the fastest recovery of a species in the history of animal conservation. Join the former hunters of one of the world’s most endangered primates, the Golden Monkey, now protecting them in the mountains of China’s Yunnan Province. Witness the wondrous migration of the Christmas Island Red Crab, and marvel at their recovery from a Crazy Yellow Ant infestation. After the film, Chris Pague, Senior Conservation Ecologist for The Nature Conservancy in Colorado, will highlight at-risk species in Colorado and The Nature Conservancy’s current conservation projects. Presented in partnership with The Nature Conservancy Colorado. Events are subject to change based upon federal, state or local health guidance. All sales are final unless the Museum cancels the event.