Bad Axe Throwing Denver Open House

7/22/2017, 7/23/2017

Bad Axe Throwing Denver is finally here! Experience the thrill of urban axe throwing, for FREE! We're opening up our doors for the amazing people of Denver and surrounding areas to come and see what all this axe throwing awesomeness is all about!

Here's why you should come:
1) You will receive FREE lessons from one of our axe throwing coaches on how to throw an axe
2) You will get the opportunity to throw axes and see why it lives up to the hype
3) You're allowed to bring in your own food & drinks
4) We're the highest rated and biggest axe throwing club in the world

We've been featured on CNN, ABC, BuzzFeed, The Chicago Tribune, Fox News, ABC, NBC and many other news outlets!

More importantly: IT'S FREE and ONLY for this weekend.

So if you have been dying to try out this awesome sport, this will be your lucky weekend!

Feel free to drop in.
Hours are: 6pm-11pm on Friday
2pm-11pm on Saturday
2pm-8pm on Sunday

Share with your friends, invite them.
Come one, come all!

For those who don't know much about us, we host unforgettable events! Birthday parties, bachelor/bachelorette parties, corporate event, or any other special occasion! Why go bowling, or a bar, or go to an escape room when you can go axe throwing!