AB Variation:

Behind-the-Scenes Tours

Feb 16, 2019 - May 27, 2019


Discover the people and processes that bring theatre to life
It takes the time and talent of costume designers, set builders, prop makers and technical specialists to transform a show from an idea to a living piece of art. See for yourself on our expertly-guided 90 minute tours. You'll get a glimpse at our costume shops, design studios, scene shops and Denver Performing Arts Complex venues as you:

Get a sneak peek at everything from set model miniatures and costumes-in progress to up-close set pieces and props galore before finally seeing it come together in the theatre itself
Peek at Actor's Alley, filled with Broadway show posters signed by touring cast members
Walk through the ins and outs of our unique performance spaces throughout the complex
Things to know before you go
Tours are perfect for theatre lovers of all ages, but we recommend 10+ years old
Wear comfortable shoes
This experience is fully accessible to patrons in wheelchairs
Performance-related activities may impact tour destinations
When entering the Buell and Ellie Caulkins theatres, you will have to pass through a magnetometer

Meet at 10am Mondays and Saturdays (except holidays) in the lobby of the Helen Bonfils Theatre Complex, across from Boettcher Concert Hall.