Bernadette Murphy, Author of “Harley and Me: Embracing Risk on the Road to a More Authentic Life"

Aug 24, 2017

Includes signed copy of "Harley and Me," free drinks (wine and non-alcoholic beverages) and hors d'ouevres.
The Road Less Traveled Lecture Series: Personal Stories of Risk, Resilience and Rebound

- Series Installment Features Bernadette Murphy, Author of “Harley and Me: Embracing Risk on the Road to a More Authentic Life”

- Murphy Shares Her Story of How Transforming Fear and Anxiety into Power Helped to Fuel Her Wildest Dreams.

Bernadette Murphy, best-selling author, professor and mother of three, will discuss how learning to ride a motorcycle at the age of 48 becomes the catalyst that transforms her from a settled wife and professor with teenage children into a woman on her own. Murphy’s talk will be part memoir, part travelogue and part science-psychology addressing how she stepped out of a predictable life and the transformative benefits of taking risks.

“A lot of tough things happen in life—divorce, parents dying, job loss—things we can’t control,” said Bernadette Murphy. “We do, however, have control in overcoming our fears. When we learn how to navigate fear we are enlarging our being, rewiring our brain, cultivating courage and becoming bigger people.”

“Bernadette’s memoir serves as a playbook for all women who feel stuck inside their own comfort zone and ready to break away from their routine and do great things,” said Arezou Zarafshan, Co-founder of Bold Betties. “Her personal story is a call to arms, a challenge for women to defy their own perceived limits and come out on the other side stronger, happier and more confident.”

To meet Bernadette Murphy, receive a signed copy of Harley and Me, and enjoy free drinks and hors d'oeuvres, see details below. To buy tickets ($40) for the event visit Bold Betties’ website at and enter ROADLESSTRAVELED - SERIES20 at checkout. Tickets can also be purchased at the door for $50.