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Biennial of the Americas

Sep 25, 2019 - Sep 28, 2019


The theme of the 2019 Biennial festival is Empathy in Action. But why empathy? While "a singular definition of empathy is elusive," Michael Ventura--CEO of Sub Rosa and author of Applied Empathy--describes it as "the ability to unlock true understanding: of the feeling present not just in others, but also in ourselves." Leaders from diverse fields recognize the importance of empathy, both as it relates to practical goals like serving a consumer audience as well as the greater civic cause of connecting people and cultivating mutual respect and understanding. Studies indicate that as a society we are becoming less empathetic, leading to divisive politics, polarizing arguments and a lack of societal compassion.

The 2019 Biennial festival will explore the people and initiatives using empathy to combat these trends. We're assembling an exciting slate of diverse international perspectives to discuss the toughest issues we face in our own communities. Over the next several months, we will feature a few of the leaders putting empathy into action who you'll meet when you join us at the festival! Please plan to join us in Denver, September 25th-28th!